Easy Basket, Free AJAX Shopping Cart with Paypal & Google Checkout

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Hello and thank you again for downloading EasyBasket, i would just like to remind you that EasyBasket will always be free and i will always offer my support through as many ways possible.  If you are happy with the service we provide at EasyBasket then there are a few simple things you can do, that are no effort for you but mean an awful lot to me.

- A simple link on your website, no matter how small.  It will help EasyBasket to expand and reach more people
- A comment on the homepage, this would be great if you could post a comment and include a link to your website with easy basket working.  It will give me and potential new customers an idea on how EasyBasket can be used for different companies.
- A small donation to our paypal account, this software is completely free and i dont expect you to donate, but if you feel you are pleased with the service then feel free to donate a small amount.  Buy me a drink ;-).

- A footer for your website using easybasket, something like ‘Easy Baske- Free AJAX Shopping Cart’ etc.  i will give a piece of code you can just copy and paste, would take no time.

<a href='http://www.easybasket.co.uk'>Easy Basket - Free AJAX Shopping Cart</a>

Once again thank you for using EasyBasket.