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Shopping carts are one of the most frequently used parts on the web. But for a programmer creating them has never been easy. Even for a few items the programmer has to create a database and other support files to create a functioning shopping cart. EasyBasket takes a different approach at creating a shopping cart; although technically complex in its execution, it is extremely simple for the user to install. With EasyBasket you can quickly insert a shopping cart anywhere on your web page with a single line of code. No need to install a database or a dozen class files. Google Checkout and PayPal Checkout are integrated into the code, all you need to do is change the credentials and your cart is ready to go.

Reviews of Easybasket: Web Resources Depot, Code Diesel, Web Design Shock.

Easy Basket works on any web platform. Simply unzip the Easybasket folder to your website's public root. As all calls to the core are via AJAX you can have access to Paypal and Google Checkout on any type of webpage be it HTML ASP NET PHP... please visit the installation page for three easy steps to install your free ajax Shopping Cart.


Tattoo Bottle Cap Belt

Tattoo Bottle Cap Belt £19.00

Skate Board Trainers

Skate Board Trainers £34.00

Multi Tester

Louis Vuitton Handbag £14.00

Nike T-Shirt

Nike Short Sleeve T-Shirt £16.00

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Easybasket is free. You may install Easybasket on your website without any payment to me if you link back to this site by adding the following HTML to your site's footer;

   <a href="">Easy Basket - Free AJAX Shopping Cart</a>

That's all I want - a nice inbound link from your site to mine. Alternatively please make a donation.

Wordpress Plugin

Easybasket can also be configured as a Wordpress plugin. For more information, see the Easybasket WordPress Plugin page.